New Gonow New Energy Introduction

Dongfeng Xinjiao Automobile is mainly engaged in EV models with EM10, EM23, EV300, EV350, EM30, ER30, E17 and E11K, and launches a full range of product marketing matrix for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, providing market competitiveness for franchisees and operators. For the models, we will fully profit the profits to our partners.
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Building China's first automotive terminal innovation operation platform
New Geon Auto has built China's first automotive terminal innovation operation platform through business model innovation, super logistics vehicles, diversified channel network construction, B2C2C marketing, Dongfeng Xinjiao automobile operation, O2O car rental and service chain.
Quick join, fast profit

Joining the new Gonow car has a low threshold, fast returns and broad prospects. It cuts off the intermediate links and fully benefits the franchisees to maximize the profit of the franchisees.

By strengthening Dongfeng New Gonow brand strategy, New Gonow Auto franchise has developed a multi-channel value-added service field and established a central store + satellite store model to reduce the radiation range of single stores, improve service efficiency, and achieve unlimited sinking.

Supporting financial support
The new finance company specializes in financial leasing and factoring business, and is the only financial leasing company in China that is affiliated with the professional service new energy logistics vehicle industry of the automobile OEM. It can provide C-end personal user financing plan, B-end industry unit user financing plan, and dealer inventory car financing plan for new energy logistics vehicles, RVs and passenger cars.
Just join the free charging pile

New Gio Car is fully considered for franchisees, starting from the reality, making franchisees more convenient and more profitable. As long as you join, we jointly charge the pile manufacturers to help you arrange the charging pile, your smile is our expectation.

Charging revenue share
Charging piles are convenient charging methods for new energy vehicles, which bring convenience to the people. It is also a source of profit for franchisees. As long as you join, as long as you pile up, we still give full benefit to our partners.
New retail prospects and diversified profitability

Xinjiao Automobile is committed to diversified, multi-modal, multi-format, multi-directional fission development, taking the automobile industry as the leading factor and taking the new energy vehicle as the direction to create a full-value chain industrial ecosystem.

In the future, Xinjiao Auto will adopt smart supply and zero inventory, full-channel online and offline integration, cross-border innovation sharing, smart empowerment ecology, new marketing and new species, intelligent scene experience, super unmanned retail, remodeling offline experience. With unlimited channels sinking and smart consumption upgrades, the 10 major sectors will create the new top retail business model of the new Gonow.

Strategic Partners
At present, we have reached strategic cooperation with major customers such as SF Express,, Gome, Lola, and Tieda Iron. More major customers are cooperating.……
  • 中華保險

  • 中國人保

  • 太平洋保險

  • 平安保險

  • 永誠保險

  • 淼淼融資租賃

  • 淼淼融資租賃

  • 中國農業銀行

  • 中國工商銀行

  • 中國建設銀行

  • 浦發銀行

  • 中國銀行

  • 地上鐵

  • 貨拉拉

  • 國美電器

  • 依威能源

  • 京東

  • 順豐

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You are welcome to book a test drive online. Longcue RV attaches great importance to all the information you submit, which will let us know more about your needs and preferences and provide you with a better driving experience.
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In order to further improve the sales service network of New Gio in China to meet the growing needs of customers, we will recruit dealers nationwide. We look forward to cooperating with you for a long time to jointly develop a broad new energy vehicle market!
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  • Super long warranty
    New energy vehicle warranty period: 3 years or 60000 km. Warranty period of core parts: 5 years or 200000 km.
  • Rescue support
    24-hour rescue service
  • Spare parts guarantee
    Design service life of the product (no less than 10 years)Spare parts guarantee in
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